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Swan Song
El mejor final de temporada en la historia de Supernatual. El guión, increíblemente increíble. La actuación de cada uno de los actores, en especial Jared Padalecki, espectacular. Y el Impala, sí el Impala, el héroe absoluto!

Endings are hard… Endings are impossible. You try to tie up every loose end, but you never can. The fans are always gonna bitch. There’s always gonna be holes. And since it’s the ending, it’s all supposed to add up to something. But I’m telling, they’re a raging pain in the ass...So what’s it all add up to? It’s hard to say, but me, I’d say, this was a test. For Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God Himself. They made their own choice. They chose family. And, well, isn’t that kind of the whole point?

No me hubiera importado que este fuera el final de la serie. Hubiera sido un final perfecto.
MUCHAS GRACIAS ERIC KRIPKE POR CREAR LA MEJOR SERIE EVER! Si alguna vez me enojé con usted, le pido perdón :P

viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010 @ viernes, mayo 14, 2010

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