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The Boy Who Cried Aliens
There once was a boy who lived out in the countryside, far away from his school and his friends. In the summer holidays he would get very bored and lonely and would sometimes get up to no good. One hot, sunny day he was walking past a farm that had a large field of crops. The farmer was an old man, and the boy thought it would be funny to play a joke.He hopped over the fence and started stomping on all the crops. He stomped and stomped in a huge circle, round and round the field, and by the time he finished stomping, he’d made an enormous crop circle.“Aliens! Aliens!” the boy cried, and the old farmer came hobbling out of the barn as fast as he could, but when he got there he saw there were no aliens at all.“You were too slow,” laughed the boy. “The aliens flew away!”The next afternoon, the boy thought he’d pull the prank again. He hopped over the farmer’s fence and stomped an even bigger crop circle in the field.“Aliens! Aliens! They’re back!” he bellowed, and the old farmer came hobbling out and once again found no aliens in his field.What fun the boy was having! So on the third day he climbed over the fence and ran to the farmer’s field, only to find there was already a new crop circle.Who made this? thought the boy, when suddenly a humungous spaceship burst out of the sky. It zoomed down and hovered over the field. The boy was so scared he wet himself.“Aliens! Aliens!” the boy screamed in terror, but the old farmer did not come this time. “Aliens! They’re really here!” he shouted again, but still no one came.Just then, a door in the spaceship opened and a bright green laser beam shot out. It zapped the boy and he floated up into the air and inside the silvery ship. The door closed behind him and the spaceship shot off into the sky.The old farmer heard the noise and hobbled outside, but by the time he got there, the spaceship and the boy were gone for ever.
by Tom Fletcher.

sábado, 11 de julio de 2009 @ sábado, julio 11, 2009

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